Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

To any person that has or is currently serving in the armed forces, THANK YOU! Thank you a million times over.

As I look back on my life the only thing I regret is not joining the armed services. It was a option that I seriously considered at one point in my life, and I wonder how my life would be different if I had.

When I think so someone that is or has been in the armed services, gratitude fills my heart. I look up to you, consider you all an example and a hero.

As I read over this post, I'm embarrassed at my inability to express my feelings and thoughts in a way that these men and women deserve, so let me just say, again, to Grandpa, Adam, Wayne, Matt, Steve, Eric, Ted, Liz, and all the others that are serving, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you and my God Bless you all.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Hello, my name is Seth, and these are my thoughts. That’s what this blog is, my thoughts on any given subject from the political world, to the sport world to family life, and everything in-between. My hopes are that anyone that reads this will find the thoughts here informative and thought provoking. I realize how ever that many of you will use this as nothing more then a sleep aid and that’s ok too. At least my thoughts are good for something. Please comment on the things you read, as I’m interested to know what your thoughts are too.

My thoughts today are mostly on the election that we just had. I’m mostly thinking about a conversation that I was part of at work yesterday morning. Some co-workers and I were talking about why we voted for the people we voted for and about the things we liked and disliked with the way the two campaigns were ran. One of my co-workers said that something he didn’t like about the McCain campaign was how much his military experience was used to try to get votes. He said “what dose that have to do with his qualifications to be president?”

Now, all I know of McCain’s experience in the Vietnam War is that he was shot down, captured and tortured. Now, while I don’t believe that being tortured in and of its self can count as a “qualification” to be president, but the fact that he served his country, was willing to put his life and limb on the line for what is country believed was right at the time, that dose count as a “qualification” to me.

It counts as a qualification to me because it shows me that the man is willing to put what’s best for the country before what may be best for himself. It shows a kind of selflessness that I believe is vital to be president. It is the presidents job to serve his country, and that will and willingness to serve isn’t something that you can learn over night.

My biggest concern with our new president elect is that I have yet to see an example of that desire or willingness to serve. He very well may be the best orator that I have heard, but of all his accomplishments that I’ve seen, all have been for his benefit. I have yet to see any inkling of any actions that have been true service. I hope that President elect Obama uses his time in office to truly serve the American people, and not just serve himself. I hope that his goal is better America and her legacy, and not His own.